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Letter Rally

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Type of program: Game
Supported platforms: Mac/Win
Author's name: Gilles Bergeron
Version: 1.0
Cost: $15
Installed size: 3.7 MB


I originally mistakenly reviewed this program as an educational game, which since it is not, and was never meant to be educational, that changes the review somewhat. The author was kind enough to contact me, correct my misassumption,and tell me the answer to the one that made me feel stupid below; [no I won't tell ya'all-I worked hard for that gratis answer-but, I bet if ya really get stuck-if you contacted the author....]

I must admit, I thought I was a puzzle fan-I like word search, and some crossword puzzles, I love Boggle and prefer "solve the problem to get to next level" rather than shoot-em-ups like Doom; but Mr Bergeron stumped me. He mentioned in his e-mail to me; "......some (puzzles) are_very_challenging. The idea is having players 'work hard at it', even exchange info on puzzles and hints, so people talk about that game. That is how 'The Fool's Errand' and '3 in three' got popular" Boy I've been up reviewing too long-I never heard of either of those. [Now I found something new I got to check out]

I agree with the talking and info passing part though, geography was never a good subject for me. However, Mr Bergeron has a new game coming out soon, I hope to review, it has something to do with game names, which I thought I was good at, but......

The opening screen shows you a world map, with no names of course; and there is 30 red dots, which represent the 30 world capitals you must guess. This is one of those wickedly diabolical puzzles, that probably will end up waking you in the middle of the night. [Yell eureka quietly, your spouse is already getting annoyed cause he or she is married to a computer.] Under this is 30 large square buttons, looking like a computer keyboard-isn't that cute? and each button is a different puzzle.The puzzles are of varying difficulty, of course. In each puzzle, which you open by clicking on the big button, there is a different way to find the name of the target word capital. Each puzzle has only one answer, and if you guess it, when you go back to the world map, you will find the first letter of the capital now written on the button. The readme file hints that these may have something to do with one last puzzle when all is finished.

In the unregistered version, you can only view 5 of the 30 puzzles; if you pick any of the other puzzles, there is a box asking for a registration code.

In the first puzzle you have to catch falling letters, in order, to spell the right name. In one of the other ones, there is 3 lines on top, with each button having 2 sides. You rotate them until you find a message that makes sense, and that gives a clue to the answer. This is the one that really made me feel stupid, I got the message on top and still can't think of the capital it refers to.

The graphics are pretty good for a puzzle game, and the puzzles are well done. I don't know whether the author used a puzzle generator, or is a genius; [I used to know a man who could carry on a conversation with me, while typing in C+++, I think it is-it was like a second language to him-and no matter how hard I've tried, I still can't write a batch file or a macro-] so he might be a genius even if he used a puzzle generator, I' ve never tried one.Making a puzzle turn out properly isn't easy, and making it make sense is even harder.

So, the heck with the kids. Do you like to work puzzles, and shred your hair? Do you like to e-mail authors and yell for help? Do you like geography? Then give this puzzle game a chance and after you work the first 5, you may find yourself needing to register it, cause you need some more.

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Sound & graphics:
Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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