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 Linkbot for Windows

Type of Program:Web Site Link Checker
Supported Platforms:WIN95
Company Name:Tetranet Software Incorporated.
Installed Size:4736Kb

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Linkbot is an indispensable and very powerful web site management tool. It checks an entire site in two or three minutes, verifies every link both internal and external, and then produces a beautifully laid out HTML report. And that is just the start -the report will also tell you which pages are loading slowly, and (I LOVE this bit) which pages and links have not been updated for ages.

Using the programme is ridiculously simple - type in the URL of the home page and tell it to get on with it. Tetranet have provided a set of well-written tutorials, but they have made the interface so familiar and friendly that they are hardly needed. The price may seem high, but considering the hours of work that Linkbot saves, and the high value it delivers, it is well worth the money for any company web site. It can be set to do a regular check automatically, for good web site maintenance with no hassle.

Webmasters who use Linkbot will have web sites that contain no bad links, no "404" messages and do not take forever to load. They will know when stale, outdated pages need refreshing, and will be able to provide the site visitor with a much better experience - and a correspondingly higher opinion of the company the web site belongs to. For the sake of improving the quality of the Internet, Linkbot should be compulsary issue to anyone with a web site.

LinkBot is fully functioning shareware which lasts thirty days. That is incredibly cruel, as already rely on it totally and I cannot afford to buy it! (Dear Father Christmas....)

User Friendly(I wish I could give it 6)
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Sue Abbott (

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