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 Lunar FTP

Type of Program: Internet / FTP Client
Supported Platforms: Windows 95
Authors Name:
Version: 1.1
Price: $25 (includes free upgrade to version 2.0)
Installed Size: 0.9 MB


Description: The design goal for Lunar Ftp was to create a FTP client with multi-tasking capability - a feature that is unique to Lunar Ftp. Multiple connections to different or the same host should be possible and the user should need to only click on a host name, or copy a file to a host for a connection to that host to be opened - no explicit opening or closing of connections should be necessary. Additionally the same instance of the program should be able to manage multiple transfers between various hosts and feedback of the files being transferred in each batch should be clear. These were the main design goals behind Lunar Ftp and all were met. Additional features were also added such as transferring directly from one host to another, and being able to mark each individual file as binary or ASCII so a mixed file transfer could be accomplished.

Evaluation: The concepts behind this program are excellent. With so many FTP programs around it is nice to see one so different. Most new FTP programs simply offer a new way to look at your connection. Lunar FTP is different. It provides some excellent features I have not found in other FTP programs. The most promising of these is the capability to transfer from on server to another server. This could save you valuable time online. Instead of transferring files from a slow FTP site directly to your hard drive, you could start a transfer from the FTP site to your ISP. You don't' have to be online for the transfer to continue, so you could then disconnect. Then when you log back in later just transfer the files direct from your ISP to your hard drive. This is a lot faster then transferring directly from the FTP site.

Though it has some extremely nice features it is not quite ready for public release. While I was test driving Lunar FTP I had numerous errors popup. Far too many to just be a fluke. I saw divide by zero errors and exceptions. And every time I tried to log into my ISPs FTP server it would lock up. I think this last problem was the result of a very long directory listing from my ISP. I attempted to contact the author regarding these errors but never received a response.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Tim Brown

There are two method for purchasing. Each requires use of a credit card. The program has built-in online registration function or youcan email the author above.

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