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Living Letters

Type of Program:Educational
Supported Platforms:win 3.1 and above
Company Name:LarKen Software
Installed Size:1,123,000


Your child is greeted by a colorful screen which is divided into four major parts: 1. The Letter in the upper Left hand corner which when clicked on gets a face and says "Hi I'm the letter A", 2.The empty box in the upper right - with four boxes 1.Photo 2.Word 3.Music notes 4.Stop), 3.The background in the center and, 4.The upper and lowercase clickable alphabet at the bottom.

To play your child should Click the Photo button (There is two photos per letter)and then the word button which will cause Letters to appear on the center screen and a child's voice will spell out the word then say the completed word.Clicking on the word again will cause the phonic sound of the first letter to be spoken. There is also a option for music to play and to quit. This shareware version only uses the uppercase letters A-J The full version includes: -All upper and lowercase letters -Phonic sounds for each word -75+ photos with ability for you to add your own -over 3mb of fun sound files -11 full color background scenes

This is a fun a colorful way to get young kids involved in reading. I know that my son will love it.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation -no uninstall
Reviewed by Lisa Cline

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