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Macro Magic

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Type of Program: Macro - Automation
Supported Platform: Windows 95/98/NT
Company Name:iolo Technologies
Version: 3.4c
Price: free to try/ $29.95
Installed size: 1.33 M


Life at the keyboard gets a whole lot simpler with Macro Magic. If you're a macro fan, you already know how handy it is to open a file or launch an application with a single keystroke. Macro Magic lets you reduce to a macro just about any task or complex event you can dream up, and setup of new macros with this program is a breeze.

(This product, formerly offered by Unisyn LLC, is now offered by iolo Technologies. Ongoing product support is offered to all registered users regardless of origin of purchase.)

Macro setup is organized into three categories: 1) launch an application or open a document, 2) playback mouse movements, clicks, and keystrokes, and 3) use advanced options, such as combining real-time sequences, text/command insertion, pauses, gathering input, and window triggers. A wizard guides you through macro setup and editing, so you don't have to spend hours reading the Help file before you're up and running. But a good Help file is there is you need it.

Something unique to Macro Magic is its ability to send email directly to that person or group you specify -- at the touch of a button -- attending to dial-up functions too, if you're not already online. Its web-oriented features let you launch you favorite search engine or go directly to that site-with-the -reaaaaaaaaally-loooooooong-URL.

You can also put shortcuts to your favorite macros on the Desktop or in the Start-Up Menu, so you have lots of flexibility on how to access them and when to fire them up. Macro Magic is ideal for delivering time-savers, how ever you wish to invoke them. And no matter how many times I tried entering weird instructions to flub it up, it proved stable and honest. It gives you exactly what you ask for.

You can try it out free for 30 days, completely functional, with a reminder screen. Support is offered to registered users, whether this product was purchased through Unisyn or iolo Technologies. Product upgrade are offered on an ongoing basis, usually for free -- users can check in periodically at

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Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell

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