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 Magic Folders

Type of Program: Security
Supported Platforms: Windows 3.x, W95, WfW (16 bitfile access only)
Company Name: RSE Software Inc.
Version: 97.04a
Price: US$ 29
Installed Size: 283 K


If you use a PC shared with other people, you probably would not let anybody mess with your files. Magic Folders can be the program for you. It allows you to make any directory (a k a folder), and likewise the files it contains, completely invisible. You and only you, after inserting your password, will have the power to make it visible. All you have to do is to highlight the folder(s) you need untouchable, push the "Add" button and exit the program telling it to make them invisible. Magic Folders accept up to 10 different accounts with 10 different passwords, each one with different hidden folders. Among the utilities, the "AutoStart" option is interesting. You can have the program automatically start whenever you boot the computer. At this point you have two choices: either make it ask the password for maximum three times and, if there is no match, shut down the computer or, if you are just a little merciful, let the computer on but with all the folders invisible. And what if you forget your password? No need to be worried, during the installation Magic folders creates a boot disk, from which you will be always able to unhide your folders. The fact that the program hides only directories and not single files can be disappointing but, believe me, it takes really little time to create new directories in which move the files you want to hide. And it's worth the time spent.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed By Davide Di Lazzaro

Whom to Contact: Magic Folders
CC orders: email:
1157 57th Drive Se
Telephone: (206) 939-4105
Auburn, WA 98092
After Oct 97: (253) 939-4105
How to Pay: Check, MC, VISA

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