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Type of Program:File Utility
Supported Platforms:WIN95
Company Name:Tomasoft Corp.
Installed Size:1.31Mb


I have the feeling that nearly everyone has faced at least one of the following scenarios in their day to day use of the computer. First, you have a hard drive that is daily shrinking in free space and you want to move large files or programs off your computer, but you don't want to delete them forever. Your problem is that the files in question, even when zipped are too large to put on a 3 1/2" floppy. Or, you have a wonderful shareware program you want to take to work, convince the boss it is needed in order to be productive, and of course that he should register it.
Again,it's too large a file for the floppy. Lastly, you want to email a program to a friend, but being sympathetic to your ISP's user load, you want to send the file in pieces over a period of time. If you have said yes to any of the above then you should give MasterSplitter a try.
MasterSplitter is easy to install and also has an uninstall module. When I ran the program for the first time, I was pleased to note that the interface was clean and uncomplicated. You are presented with three tabs, Split, Join, and Compare. I went to the help file and found concise instructions on the three main operations I could perform. Fifteen minutes of reading and I was ready to go.
I first split MasterSplitter's own zip file which was small at 636Kb. You first choose the file you wish to split, and you can click on a Browse button to find it. Then you enter the size you want for the first piece, in this case I choose 300Kb. Next decide on which directory you want your pieces put into. You are offered the choice of deleting the original file after the split is complete, but as the author suggests, be cautious in making this choice, at least until you are comfortable with the program. Lastly click on Split and the program performs it's hatchet job. I tested all aspects of the program including a 1.8Mb file. The split is accomplished very quickly, the Join as well performed without any problems.
I also used Compare to ensure the file integrity was maintained. Everything worked just fine.
One last point should be made regarding joining files on another computer or sending the file pieces by email. If in either case the computer receiving the pieces does not have MasterSplitter you click on Create Reassemble Batch File. In this case the program will create an .Ini type file with the extension .000 ( this is created in every split you perform ), the file pieces, such as .001, .002 etc., and a batch file. Keep all these files in the same directory, run the batch file and the files are joined in quick order. This also worked without a problem. Support is offered via email to the author but once you use the program it all becomes very easy to understand.
To summarize, MasterSplitter is a very lean, mean, splitting machine and I found it simple to learn and quick to perform it's operations. The price is very reasonable and consistent with similar programs. One additional note is in order. MasterSplitter is not capable of zipping files, this would have to be done with a Zip Utility. Because I download a great many files, I prefer using a standalone Zip program, but this is a personal preference and one you can judge according to your needs.

Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by: Blain W. Jamieson
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