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Matties Math Game

Type of Program: Childrens Educational
Supported Platforms: Win95
Company Name: Lattice Work Software Inc.
Version: 1.0
Price: 14.95 I
Installed Size: 2.85 Mb


When the children come to the opening screen they see Matties liveingroom and all they have to do is click on a object to play a game which are:

-Matties Trapeze(click mattie) - Place the missing # on the trapeze -Matties Fun With Music -write and play a song -Matties Driving Count Game -drive a car up and down the road and pick up the correct number of objects. -Matties Moon Guess Game -try to guess the correct number. -Matties Paint - turn the room into an outline and color the objects. --Matties Lazy Cat Catch Game -Move a cat and catch the correct number of fish

If the child guesses the incorrect answer they give a comical reply so as not to discourage the child. This share ware version has the first level of each game but the full one would be suitable for children aged three to third graders.

This is a cute game and well worth the money.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Lisa Cline

To order By check print order form and send to
Lattice Work Software Inc.
P.O. Box 362
Lafayette Hill, PA 19444
For a additional 2.00 fee
GO SWREG and enter #12546

They have recently started an online ordering service To order online, visit their Web page at:

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