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McAfee Anti-Virus

Type of Program:Anti-Virus
Supported Platforms:Macintosh, Windows
Company Name:McAfee
Revision Date:August 26, 1996
Installed Size:2.25 Mb
Where can this program be downloaded:

This isn't your father's McAfee...
Boy things sure have changed in a year and a half. Back a year and a half ago when I installed McAfee in Windows 3.1 I worked at it for days. I even printed out a hundred page manual. Still after that I was not sure whether I was Bug Free or not. Back then I V-shield came separately, was loaded separately, and had its own set of instructions that had me scratching my head for a long time.

OK, back to the future..
McAfee for Windows 95. Well what can I say, you push a button, it installs. Then you are finished. Read a manual? About what? Button pushing? This thing installs and works so effortlessly that you don't even notice it is there. Well except for that big Splash screen when your computer starts up.

I recommend it.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Jack Ross

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