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Meal-Master 8.05

Type of Program:Cooking Database
Supported Platforms:DOS, Windows 3x, Windows 95
Company Name:Episoft
Revision Date, if possible:July 1996
Price:$35 in the US, $40 other countries
Installed Size:less than 1 mb (before adding many recipes)
Where can this program be downloaded:

This is the Grandaddy of cooking software. It has been around for about ten years. There are more recipes in Meal-Master format than any other.
This program is also very user friendly, has many optional "helper" programs, most of which are free.
The shareware program will hold around 5, 000 recipes, with no nag. Each registered version will hold over 50,000.
I have tried this and almost every other cooking program there is on the market. This is the one I use the most.
There are two user mailing lists for this program, one the Meal-Master List, deals with technical aspects of the program, the other Meal-Master recipes is for exchanging recipes.
The author, Scott Welliver answers his email promptly.
In conclusion I recomend this program heartily, the only downside is that some people do not like DOS based programs.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation

Reviewed by Alf Kingsley

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