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Type of Program:Misc/Screen Saver
Supported Platforms:WIN95
Company/Authors Name:Kevin Kelly
Version:July 1997 Version
Price:$12.00 US
Installed Size: 71KB


If you are a fan of the fractal images of the Mandelbrot Set you’ll appreciate this screen saver. The screen saver displays the classic high level image then with successive displays zooms "down" into the image. As deeper and deeper levels are revealed, the user can get lost in the patterns that are made. It’s pure and simple fun.
MeanderBot is easy to install. There are only two files "MEANDER.SCR" and "MEANDER.TXT" in the zip file. Copy MEANDER.SCR to your \windows directory and choose it as your Screen Saver from the "Display" Control Panel. Under the settings the user can configure three basic options : Color Palette Smoothness, Max Iterations, and Zoom Factor. Although I do not fully understand the mathematics of these options, adjusting them yielded some interesting results. For example, increasing the value of Max Iterations caused the resolution of the image to be finer, but each successive image took 5 minutes or more to appear on my Pentium (equivalent 166 mhz) machine.
When the screen saver is stopped a registration reminder displays and you must click the OK box before the screen saver actually terminates and allows the user to return to his or her work. All my experimenting, it should be noted, was done under Screen Saver preview mode. Be warned that when set up as the active screen saver, the registration reminder screen displays immediately without showing any of the images.

Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by: Marion Green

To Purchase: Send the author the $12 registration fee at the address in the documentation or purchase by credit card at the web sites: or Within 24 hours of receipt of the fee, the author advertises that he will e-mail you a registration code.

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