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Type of program: Screen saver
Supported platforms: Win95
Company/Author’s name: Starlight Software/Kevin Kelly
Version: 3.1
Cost: $12
Installed size: 205KB


I did not like this program and had no luck with it. I put the 2 files where they said and went to control panel, changed my screen saver to meanderbot, but when I hit preview or tried to bring up my screen saver another way, all I got was first the registration message, and then the screen saver I had been using before. I e-mailed Kevin Kelley and he said it took a while to generate the screen saver, so I went back and tried again but it still didn't work.

Performance: 0
User-friendly: 0
Cost: 0
Ease of Installation:
Sound & graphics: 0
Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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