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 Media Manager

Type of Program: MultiMedia Manager/ Viewer/ Player for Win 95/NT
Supported Platforms: Win 95/NT
Company Name: Microsoft
Version #: Free Beta (expires 5-1-96)
Price: Free
Installed Size: Requires 7 Mb of disk space
Available for free download at:
(This page summarizes a variety of international download sites available)

The most useful enhancement, to Windows 95/ Win NT4.0 released by Microsoft. In fact, I can't
think of any single piece of software released by any manufacturer that better enhances file
management in these operating systems. Strong words, but well earned. This program, might
easily be compared to Thumbs Plus or Hijaack. Unlike Thumbs, it's integrated into Windows and
unlike Hijaack it performs without GPF's and other operating issues.

Multimedia Manager allows the user to designate folders as "Media Manager Folders". The files
contained in the folders then have enhanced capabilities. You can view thumbnails, play music
files or movies. Users can also view detailed descriptions of the files, including
characteristics such as size, compression, color depth, format and compression. This program
takes management of these type files, one step further than the competition , by allowing
annotations. These user defined descriptions become part of the file properties. These
annotations or properties can then be retrieved via a file search. Drop down lists help to
catalog and define file properties.

The thumbnails produced, are high quality images which are viewed by selecting the newly added
"Thumbnail" selection under the View option in Explorer. Movies and sound files can be launched
from an image located in the Explorer view. MultiMedia files are updated, based on a scheduled
selected by the user.

This program should be extremely useful to anyone who catalogs images, sound files or movies.
If you author web pages, it's a download that can't be missed. The one enhancement missing is
the ability to view .html files in a thumbnail form.

Hopefully Microsoft will incorporate this functionality into Memphis and Cairo for the next
formal releases of Windows and NT. If not, I'm ready to purchase it when released.

Don't miss out on this beta preview! This is an outstanding enhancement to Windows which should
prove useful to almost every user.

User Friendly :
Cost: Free!
Ease of Installation:
Support :
(as this is a beta, no phone support, just solid help files, and a
dedicated web site )
Reviewed by Jeff Luebke

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