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Memory with Words

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Type of program: Word game
Supported platforms:Windows 95
Author's name: Johannes Unnewehr
Version: 1.01
Cost: $8
Installed size: 800 KB


Boy was this an interesting experience. I figured out this was a memory program, kinda like concentration. The part I missed was the foreign languages! I thought to myself "This is for Kids?! In a pig's ear!" Then I calmed down, and it got a little better, I actually started to learn a couple of words! [And I'm far to old to learn new tricks, or new words.]

You have your choice of Deu-eng, deu-fre, deu-ita, deu-spa, eng-fre, eng-ger, eng-ita, and eng-spa. [See why I was worried for a few seconds?] Then when you pick a language combo; they give you a choice of a couple of topics; then a dozen or so sub-topics [like dining-then breakfast food, dinner items, etc.] When you start the game there is 18 boxes, 9 with a puzzle piece on them, [those are the foreign words] and 9 with a dotted pattern.

You can buy a program called Wordshop for $8, with this you can make your own lessons; and there is something called Lesson Market, which sound great! With just a couple of rules to follow, [such as min. and max. of entries; and lessons not part of any other vocab program] you can make up any entry; e-mail it in, and then receive all the other made-up lessons from the Lesson Market.

I'm not positive, but I think they even offer some grammar software, they have several vocab programs; and one thing you can't beat is this man's prices. So help the kids, or help your self, the price is fantastic, the programs are cute, and I have GOT to stop playing with this tonight! My score keeps rising, and I've learned a dozen new words in spanish and a half a dozen in german. Oooh I have a headache.

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Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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