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Type of Program: Off-line Browser
Supported Platforms: WIN95/3.1
Company Name: GoTo Software
Version: 1.75
Price: $39.95
Installed Size: 1.789Mb


As I wander my way through the awesome labyrinth that is the Internet, I have so often come across whole sites, sometimes just multiple pages of sites, graphics, pictures and even sounds that I wanted to revisit, save for future reference, or just to add something to my own personal library. Maybe this accounts for my very large collection of bookmarks. Well after a period of time using MemoWeb, this program really does a fine job of collecting whatever I tell it to, and storing it on my hard drive so that I can view it at my leisure, without connecting to the Internet.

Warning......Warning. Read the help file before sending MemoWeb off to tunnel down through your favorite site. Fool that I can sometimes be, I choose the Via Rail site here in Canada, started at the home page, of course, and changing no settings told MemoWeb to go forth and do it's thing. Well bless it's little heart, it proceeded to do just that. Seventeen minutes later, as it continued to dig deeper and deeper, just as I told it to, I finally clued in to the fact that maybe I had bitten off more than I wanted. I stopped the big dig and took a look at my newfound wealth of information. True to the programs' promise, I had a slew of HTML pages, images, sounds, and videos. I then got smart ( better late than never ), went to a site that I knew was fairly small, and sent MemoWeb off again on it's hunt. About seven minutes later I had the whole site on my hard drive.

Like any program that performs complex functions, MemoWeb will certainly require you to think about exactly what you want and even how much of it you desire. The program is highly configurable, and trust me, you will be glad you can restrict it's frenzied digging.

When you first run MemoWeb you can begin a NEW capture, or if you have already captured a site, click on File and the menu will include sites you have captured previously. Let's talk about a captured site for a moment. When you click on that menu choice you are presented with a screen which allows you to begin to explore the captured pages. I won't go into great detail ( seeing is understanding ) but can view the Home page and then work your way through, as you would if you were connected to the Internet, or you can look HTML Pages, Images, URL's or Multimedia files.

If you are going to capture your first site, you click on New and you will be presented with a screen from which you will set the limits of the capture. This is the most important area because MemoWeb allows you to do all manner of inclusions and exclusions. You can click on Options and there for instance tell the program the level of links you want captured, in other words, how far into the mine do you want to go. This is critical unless you want it digging for very long periods of time. You can then click File and decide what exactly you want it to come back with. You can choose All Types, HTML Only, Pictures Only, Sounds Only, or HTML & Pictures. Here is where the program really shines. As you can see, if you are a Jpeg addict, then simple go to the site, tell MemoWeb to only capture Jpeg's, and in a short period of time you will be in Jpeg heaven.

While I very much like what MemoWeb does, and I do highly recommend it, I feel compelled to offer a couple of not so glowing personal observations. I am not a huge fan of Help files in HTML format. In the time it takes to load my browser, then locate the area I need information on, I could have already found it with a conventional help file and been back to work. When you are online and click on Help the help file begins loading behind the screen in which you are working, and on one occasion did not load properly. My other negative comment centers around the whole issue of "crippled" shareware. To their credit, the company does call this a "Locked Trial Version", but only as I explored the program did I realize that, depending on what you are doing, you will get a "reminder every ten pages" and the statement that the program will not capture any image greater than "200x200 pixels". Blain's theory is quite simply, if as an author you want to restrict how long I can use the program, that's fair, just make it a decent period of time like 30 days. If you want to have an unobtrusive reminder always on screen, that's fair too. But please let me see the complete program and all it can do. I know there are those out there who, if they could, would never pay to register a program. But for those of us who believe in the Shareware concept, let us try the whole program, not just a part. If you build it, we will come:)

Don't let my views put you off from trying MemoWeb, it is an excellent program and I feel it is well worth the price. For purchasing information see the MemoWeb site as the usual

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Reviewed by Blain W. Jamieson

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