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MOD Plugin

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Type of Program: Audio (online player)
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/NT
Author: Olivier Lapicque
Version: 1.90
Price: free
Installed size: 140K


For the best quality music for your web page, kiss MIDIs goodbye. The MOD digital-music format just blows MIDIs away, and here's the plug-in you need to make your site rock. This plug-in is hassle-free to install and use too.

MOD-format music is based on a sampling system that's cross-platform compatible, so your music will play back exactly how you'd intended, no matter what kind of sound cards your web-site's listeners may have.

For more information on where to get MOD music files, samples, off-line players, trackers, and set-up resources, check out the MODPlug home page, as well as MODPlug Central at and Technical support forums can be found at The author also invites comments, questions, and suggestions: Olivier Lapicque at His home page is located at

(The MODPlug Player and MODPlug Tracker are also reviewed here at SharewareJunkies.Com.)

User Friendly:
Cost: (free)
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell

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