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Type of Program:Program Launcher
Supported Platforms:Windows 95/NT
Company/Authors Name:MomSoft/Manuel Onate
Installed Size:1.25 Mb


PC people and MAC people never agree on anything, right? And neither is willing to give in on the issue of which one is better. Well, I'm a PCer who saw a good MAC thing, set out to find a PC version, and did. The good MAC thing was the Program Launcher that comes with MAC's operating software --not a toolbar or a drop-down menu but a box with different pages from which one can launch programs -- put all your graphics programs on one page, internet applications on another, and so on. MomShell is the program that does this and so much more that(ahem, MAC users)it is even better than the MAC version.

There's a lot in this launcher that makes it worth the $25.00 registration. There's the launcher itself, with buttons that can be configured by drag-and-drop methods, by importing your start menu, or by manually typing in file paths, and customizable pages that can be renamed, reordered, and resized. There's the system monitor that displays the date, time, percentage of free resources, CPU Load, Swap file usage, free disk space, and even battery charge status. There's a right-click tray menu that provides immediate access to your desktop programs, control panel, printers, dial-up networking, and most used programs, among other things. You can add buttons that will hide and unhide all windows or all desktop icons (why ruin a pretty picture with a bunch smaller pictures, right?), clear the program buttons, and do a bunch of other stuff. You can assign hot keys to certain functions and customize the program pages and buttons in a variety of ways (font, color, size, shading, etc.). Run Explorer or get a DOS prompt immediately. Momshell can autohide, stay on top, dock, be wherever you want it to be.

The program installs and uninstalls automatically, so there's no problem there. And while there are a few minor bugs in the program, you'll probably never come across most of them. Tip: Don't select the "minimize on start up" option). And if you get really confused, worry not -- the built-in help file is extensive and if that doesn't get you what you need, the program's developer not only answers all e-mails quickly and comprehensively, he also follows up to make sure that his suggestions and/or answers solved your problem.

In summary, I've tried a lot of different program launchers, and this is the one that I've stayed with and been happy to pay for.

User Friendly:
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Reviewed by Shoshana Schiller

This program can be purchased/registered in all the
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