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Type of Program: A "Wordprocesser" for music
Supported Platforms: Windows 3.1 and 95
Author: David Webber
Version Reviewed: Mozart 1.4 for Windows 3.1
Price: Price:$49.00 US and $6.00 S&H
Installed Size: 2 MB


Mozart is a Music Processor for Windows. Using only the computer keyboard, you can create and edit sheet music. This can be printed with high-quality TrueType symbols on printers supported by Windows, and appears on the screen in standard notation as a WYSIWYG display. The primary objective of MOZART is to print parts for musicians, but MIDI files can be exported to provide an "aural preview" on multimedia PCs.

Features include:

Automatic alignment of notes in parallel parts; automatic bar-line entry; automatic default quaver (1/8th note) tail groupings; cut, copy, paste; dotted and double-dotted notes/rests; editable titles, headers, and footers; exporting MIDI files either "straight" or with "swing"; instant transposition; keyboard shortcuts for most common commands; note accents available include: attack, tenuto, staccato; note/rest symbols from breve (double whole note) down to hemidemisemiquaver (1/64th note); rapid note positioning using the cursor keys; treble, bass, alto, and tenor clef options; triplets and other multiplets;

TrueType symbols; up to 3 simultaneous parts on the Shareware version; up to 64 parts on the "Virtuoso" Edition; user-definable "swing" styles; extensive on-line, context-sensitive help. From my personal experience, email support is great.

Mozart is straightforward in its installation and intuitive in its setup. Mozart comes with a number of sample files, so you can see what you can do with it. The included sample files, and whatever music you write yourself, can be immediately played audibly for you as midi songs. Of course you will need a sound card in your computer. I had a problem hearing the songs at first, but after emailing back and forth with the author (David Webber), I was able to configure Mozart properly, and hear all the songs. Make a note of this: If you have trouble hearing the midi songs, you may need to set the Midioptions channel to either 1 or 13.

Not only can you write music, but you can also use Mozart to insert text between the staves, if you are writing a song with words.

The "online" help file and the "readme.txt" file cover just about all anyone would need to know, except trying specifically channels 1 and 13 for proper playback. Mozart version 1.4 is for Windows 3.1, and version 2.0 is for Windows 95.

This shareware edition is good for 30 days, after which you must register. Upon registering, you will be sent the "virtuoso" edition, which will write 64 staves of music simultaneously; the shareware version only writes 3 staves.

I have tried several other music composing and printing programs, and this is the best I’ve seen so far. The price is pretty good, and this program delivers the capabilities you need. If you need to make printed music that looks good, buy this program.

User Friendly:

Ease of Installation:


Reviewed by: Marshall C. St. John
May be ordered from the Public software Library by credit card by calling 1-800-2424-PsL, or by sending cash or check to David Webber, 484 Warrington Rd., Culcheth, Warrington, WA3 5RA, UK

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