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 MS32s OLE Enabled

Type of Program: Library
Supported Platforms:Win 3.x
Version: 1.30c
Installed Size: 8.01MB


MS 32s is an easy to install program which delivers what it promises, though not what you might
hope for. With it, Win 3.x users can run a variety of 32 bit applications, but it is decidedly
not a substitute for Windows95, and many good applications will not run on Win 3.x even with
MS32s installed.

One big plus of this program, besides its price, is that it comes with a test program already
installed, so you can see Win 32s in action.

Freecell is a challenging set of variations on solitare, and worth a try in its own right. It
has the same look and feel as traditional Windows 3.x Solitare, but in these versions, the
cards are all dealt and you must return them to the home line in various permutations.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Althea Katz

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