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Type of Program: Internet Utility
Supported Platforms: Windows '95
Authors Name: Mike Sutherland
Version: 3.08
Price: FreeWare
Installed Size: 270 Kb


Surf the web faster, reduce download times......ah if these things could be possible! Well..Big News, it IS possible!!!

A lot of people (including me) always thought that the bottleneck was the amount of users on the "NET", so we accepted the long waiting as if it was inevitable. Now we stand corrected! The bottleneck is often in the users system settings.

Data on the internet is send in packets, of which the standard size is 567 bytes. This is no problem if your connected to the internet trough LAN, but when you're using a modem, it's bound to slow things down!

It would take up too much space to tell you exactly how it works, but with MTU-speed these MTU settings can be optimized by a simple click.

I tried it, and the average Data Transfer Rates went from an 1.6 Kbps to 3.1 Kbps using a 28.8 modem!!! These are averages, the fastest transfer rate I achieved was 5.2 Kbps

Download this, and you'll be stunned....

After installation, there's no program group added, so you have start it from it's folder, using the RUN option in the start menu.

User Friendly:
Cost: FreeWare
Ease of Installation:
Support: not reviewed
Reviewed by Marco Holst

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