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Multimedia Xplorer

Type of Program:Media management utility
Supported Platforms:Win 95/NT4
Company Name:Moon Software
Price:$20 US
Installed Size:1.4Mb


Multimedia Xplorer is a highly useful combination utility. It comprises an image viewer and converter, a media Player for playing sounds and videos, a file finder, a slide show editor and a batch converter. All these tools are presented in a visually pleasing, user friendly interface, which includes a Windows Explorer view of your hard drive.

I used the file finder to search my drive, and was given a long, comprehensive list of all the media and graphics files on my system. I could view each file in turn in the main browser window of the interface - Moon Software have even provided forward and backward buttons to make it really easy. As I came across obscure images I had either forgotten or misfiled, I used the Manage icon to move them to a better folder, copy them elsewhere or delete them altogether. I was able to lift all icons on my system too, but in the shareware version you cannot convert them to GIFS, which can be done in the full version.

I found some great sound files in various games I have, some of which are now copied into my system sound files too, so when I make an error I hear a ships siren! Xplorer played them for me as I browsed, without needing to be told if it was a midi or a wav, and with excellent sound quality. Xplorer also has a built in startup/shutdown screen editor, you can change them in two mouse-clicks using some of those images you discovered with the browser earlier. There are lots of other extras, such as filtering the list of files, setting wallpaper, and copying HTML attributes of any file you browse, which can then be cut and pasted into your web pages.

Help is excellent, extensive and in Plain English. Xplorer will allow you to build it into file associations using a far simpler interface than that offered by Windows95, and will appear on your right click menu if you want it to. However it will not do so without being asked first - and I REALLY like that, politeness in a computer program at last! Altogether a great utility with thoughtful features designed into it by someone whom I suspect uses software as well as creates it.

The product is shareware, valid for 30 days of use.

User Friendly


Ease of Installation


Reviewed by Sue Abbott (my first ever all five star

The simplest way to register, is by registering online with a major credit card through a secure server.

Another way to register is
to run the registration application that comes with Multimedia Xplorer. It lets you pay with VISA, American Express, Master Card, check, cash, First Virtual and invoice

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