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Multimedia Pal

Name of the Program: Multimedia Pal
Type of Program: Screen Saver
Company/Authors Name: Sam Sammandam
Version: 1.1
Price: ?
Installed Size: 1.2MB


I can’t find much to say about Multimedia Pal that isn’t positive. It is a nice, easy to use program with a nice interface. Moreover, it has no nagging register reminders that most shareware screensavers these days seem to have. It comes with 30 impressionist paintings which is a pleasure for any art lover. Users have a variety of options for configuring the program to suit their taste such turning on or off captions (title and year painted) for the paintings, changing the font of those captions and changing the number of seconds each picture is displayed. You can even add your own pictures but some users may not be able to figure out how to do this because the program doesn’t come with any help files (not even a readme.txt). This not detrimental because the program is very simple to use. A button option for adding pictures would have been nice. But I still loved this program and would recommend this to everyone!

[To add your own pictures (.gif/.jpg) to the screensaver, you have to copy the picture to the c:\mmpal\impress\other directory and edit the .ini file there to include the picture.]

User Friendly


Ease of Installation

Reviewed by Ayodele Locke

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