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 Music Bar

Type of Program:MIDI player
Supported Platforms:Windows 95 only
Company Name:B & B software and Jonas Bratt
Version: 2.3
Price:Junior version is free, Full version costs US$10 or 10 or 20DM.
Packed size : 71 KB


This program is a very small MIDI player. Since it's small it loads very fast, (and downloads
fast too). Not only that, it's also inconspicuous. After it's loaded, it won't create an open
window nor a bar on the taskbar. Instead it'll place a small icon next to the clock on the
other end of the taskbar. You control the play by clicking on the icon. A single left click is
pause, another left click is play. A right click will bring out a menu. From the menu you can
have better control, such a pick the song, skip to the next song, also shuffling the playlist.
In this version you get to create albums. In an album you can place 10 songs (no limit for the
full version). Then you can choose any album and any song from the album to play. You can also
put wav files in the album along with MID, RMI files. Since it's small obviously it doesn't
have any special features. You won't get time display, speed control, fast forward/rewind, nor
volume control. But this version has a remote control feature and a repeat function. An older
version is totally nag free, while this version limits the capacity to only 10 songs per album.
But that previous version isn't very pleasant to use, to play 10 songs you have to do at least
24 mouse clicks. In the older version, the more songs you want on the list, the more clicking
you'll have to do. Version 2.2 can't play WAV but the nag is less annoying. If you have
thousands of MIDI files like I do, this little thing is very handy.

User friendly
Ease of installation
Reviewed by Eric R. Natanael
The developer makes frequent updates. You can register the free version,
just by telling the developer. Then you'll get notified when the newer
version is available.

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