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Packager MK1

Type of Program:File Utility
Supported Platforms:WIN95
Company Name:Arclab Software Development
Version:Not specified
Price:US$ 20, commercial license US$ 30
Installed Size:471 K


Here is another utility to split large files into pieces for storage or transport purposes by means floppy disks. It exhibits very sophisticated graphics, quite different from the usual Windows-like interfaces. One can choose between many floppy sizes, ranging from the well known 1.44 to the Iomega 100 format; once the choice is made, the program will provide the number of disks needed to store the file. If you decide not to use all the space your disk has for the pieces of the file, i.e. one megabyte instead of 1.44, for example, Packager has one option that lets you move in that way.
The splitting and rejoining operations proceed swiftly. A little amusing is the complete absence of whichever help file, neither in .txt format, nor in form of a button. Well, you don't need to be an engineer to understand how Packager MK1 works, but a little of human touch makes you feel better.The program is supposed, also, to recover data from corrupted disks, but this utility, such as the Iomega 100 format choice and the creation of self-extracting files, aren't for unregistered users. A pity, definitely.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by: Davide Di Lazzaro

Who To Contact: Arclab Software Development GdbR, Germany.
Fax: +49(941)990065
How To Pay: MC, VISA, AmEx, Discover. Through PsL, Fax: 713-524-6398 product #30237, email: product #30327,

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