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Type of Program: Internet Pager
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/NT
Company Name: Pagoo Communications
Version: 1.1
Price: Adware
Installed Size: 849KB


This is a nice program that came in my TMilk update from Tucows.
Probably plentymany other folks with one phone line rushed over to download it and the phone lines are jammed however. I wondered how many new enterprises like this one will collapse under the weight of their own success? You write a useful program, find a way to make it pay by turning it into adware [freeware where the ads are updated when you go online], then when your phone lines are overwhelmed due to the usefulness of the product, users just fade away. I hope they do get enough lines fast enough so this does not happen. When you get to their site, you find a very friendly place that makes reading about Pagoo easy. Everything is well marked with a friendly typeface here and there, press release, download site, FAQ and all the other necessities. Downloading is quick as is installation. After you finish this part a sign comes up to register online or go to the company's site and register. I recommend the latter. The former took me to one of the advertisers. You then get an ID and a password and give all your friends your user ID. When they want you to get off your computer if you only have one line, they just dial in, type your # and send you a voice message [of course you have a sound card, right?] or written note. Some sounds are generated when a message comes in and there you are. For me, there are several problems though. As I mentioned in other reviews, WebTurbo for instance, this takes about 4% of my system resources to leave near the clock, virus program and system wizard in the lower right hand of my screen. I check every internet program like this because my browser slows or becomes unstable with too many resources being used. If you also have ICQ, WebTurbo and other programs running sometime, minimize all screens and check your system resources. I'll bet yours are running low too and open you up to more browser crashes. Its something to think about unless you can afford 128MB of RAM. Another problem with Pagoo is that there are other programs that page you and do other things. ICQ is my favorite example here. Phone paging is a nice idea and I hope Pagoo succeeds, gets lots of lines and takes off, but remember, those system resources may limit the number of programs you can use at one time.

Performance: Though I would have to say until
the phone line problems are dealt with.
User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Support: None needed yet.
Reviewed by Robin Hall

A very affordable piece of adware. FREE!! Free to users and callers outside of CA, through a toll free call 1-888-PAGOO44.

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