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 Panorama 32

Type of Program:Desktop Wallpaper Manager
Supported Platforms:Win 95/NT
Authors Name:Shaun Ivory
Installed Size:1.24MB


Panorama is a freeware programme which is designed to change your desktop wallpaper at regular intervals. And that is exactly what it does. It installs in seconds, and will first scan your drive for any JPEG or Bitmap files you have tucked away. (I was surprised to see half the ones it found on my machine, I had no idea they were there!). It then allows you to decide which ones you want on your list, and which you wish to remove, by providing a button that gives a thumbnail and full properties. Set the change interval and minimize the programme into your tray, the icon in the tray can be clicked on if you want to skip to the next wallpaper in your list, or leave it on automatic change.

It does not hang, interfere with other programmes, stuff all kinds of junk into your Registry, change your file attributes or ask for confusingly technical information before it will function. It simply finds, lists and manages your wallpaper. In short, it is a beautifully engineered piece of kit, which does precisely what it promises. I can think of several extremely large software corporations who could take lessons from Shaun Ivory.

User Friendly
Cost FREE!
Ease of Installation
Support N/A
Reviewed by Sue Abbott

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