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Passwords Plus

Type: Password Utility
Supported Platforms: Win 3.1, Win95
Author: Vince Sorensen
Version: 1.7
Price $5 (Single user)
Download Size: 798kb (Win 3.1)
Installed Size: 862kb (Win 3.1)


Passwords Plus, a fully functional shareware, is the 'aide" that will keep a detailed record of all your passwords and match them with the correct nicks or User ID's required for email accounts, chat accounts, nym accounts and private sites. You can restrict access to this record with a password. So effectively, all you need to remember is just one password. PP also provides for multiple users, each having their own record and password.

Now, when you need to access a page or any application that requires your User ID and Password, just open up Password Plus, select the appropriate data, click to copy them onto your clipboard and then click to paste them onto the relevant spaces. Can't be any simpler than that. In addition, PGP provides a password generator to create passwords which can be short, long, numeric, alphanumeric and so on, entirely up to you. You no longer have to cringe when you need to change your passwords for whatever reason.

Finally, it's a cool shareware because the splash screen, which you can just click away, is hardly a nag and legally you have 30 days to evaluate it . Although it won't expire on you, I think this is one of the great sharewares that is worth registering. As a registered user you get a free download of a larger data base for the password generator and free upgrades for the particular series, in the present case, up to version 1.99.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by: Jeff Wing,, (On Windows 3.1)
To register:
Complete the registration form provided in the Readme.txt file and mail it together with your check and credit card particulars to:
Vince Sorensen
6 Armstrong Bay
Regina SK S4N 4G7 Canada
You may also fax credit card orders to 306-789-4328.
No Eurocheques please.
For more information on Passwords Plus please contact the author at:
Phone/Fax: 306-789-4328
Internet: -
CompuServe: 102430.3154


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