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Pretty Good Privacy 5.0i for Windows 95

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Type of Program: Security
Supported Platforms:Win 95/3x/DOS
Company Name:PGP Inc
Installed Size:3.6 Mb


At long last PGP for Windows has been released and is available for download both in the US and also internationally. This version of PGP should make encryption much more readily available and easy for those who require it - with an easy to navigate windowing system, there will be no more tedious DOS commands to remember!

However, the Freeware version has fallen short at just one point. With the advent of a new encryption algorithm, the DSS public/private key system, the "old" RSA system - used by previous DOS versions of PGP - has been excluded from this Freeware release. This means that messages encrypted with the new PGP program will not be readable by the older DOS versions. PGP for Business security (A commercial offering) has both RSA and DSS encryption methods. The encryption keys can even be up to 4096 bits long - probably the most secure available today -and the encryption is fast, even on a 486 machine.

Nevertheless, PGP 5 Freeware has managed to knock down the walls of some very confusing parts of encryption techniques, and in all PGP, Inc have improved masses over the previous versions - other companies would do well to take after their approach.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Steven Fletcher

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