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Type of Program : Internet Misc. Tools
Supported Platforms :Windows 95/NT/3x,
Author’s Name: Roger A. Clary
Version: 1.7
Price:$10.00 US
Installed Size :329KB


POPIT is a POP3 e-mail notifier utility. The program is downloaded in zip file format and is easy to install. All components are intended to reside in the same directory with the exception of two DLL files already assumed to be present. You can configure the utility to check up to ten POP3 e-mail accounts. The utility can be set up to notify the user in various ways, by visual notification or sound notification or both. It lets you know how many new messages you have received and you can view the message headers. You can also set it up to automatically launch your mail reader or browser when new mail is found. For added convenience you can set it up to dial your provider, check your mail and then hang up.

I especially liked the InstaScan feature which allows you to view the text of any of the messages. As well, you can then print or delete the message. I found this very convenient for multiple mail accounts. Since, I use Netscape 3.0 as my mail reader and cannot easily switch between mail accounts, this feature saved me a lot of time. The software does not account for a slow network, however. There were many times that POPIT timed out trying to access the mail accounts I had set up at different ISP sites.

The documentation is online via Productive Programming Inc.’s home page It is extensive and detailed and answered most of my questions about the product. The author appears to have spent a great deal of time providing features based on user feedback. The software can be downloaded for a 30 day evaluation after which you can register it for $10.00 US. Each time you start up the evaluation copy, the software tells you how many days are remaining on the evaluation copy. Many features which make this product attractive are disabled after the evaluation period.

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(good online documentation)
Reviewed By Marion Green

To Purchase: Payment can be sent directly to the author in US funds at the address listed in the online

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