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 Postcards from the Net

Type of Program:Internet
Operating Platform:Windows 95
Company Name:Network Sound & Light
Price:I could not figure out how much the registered version costs.
They have a plugin that costs about $10, so I would figure around
there for the actual program.
Installed Size: 2.03 MB

Home Page

If you don't have time to send a friend a full e-mail message, but you want to let them know
that you are thinking about them, then this program does the trick -- in a fun way.

Postcards is a .JPEG template system that lets you choose a picture from their files, or import
your own picture, into an e-mail postcard. You can include your own text and headline and send
it with any mail package. The receiver gets a very small .JPEG file attached to the email which
they can then view.

The program is extremely easy to setup and use. The company says that ordering the product will
be on-line soon, but I couldn't figure out how to order it at all. All in all, the included
pictures are goofy and fun and it's a different way to keep in touch with your friends.

User Friendly
Cost n/a
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Sherri Hartlen

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