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Type of Program:Web Site mapping tool
Supported Platforms:WIN 95 or NT 4.0 with Internet Explorer 3.x
Company Name:Electrum Multimedia Ltd
Installed Size:1.6Mb


On launching the software for the first time, the user is offered an interface that will be familiar to all Internet regulars, it looks and feels like a browser. Split into two windows, the smaller one contains the map of the help documentation, the larger window is the actual help file which is fully hypertext linked and easy to understand.

Type the URL of the site you wish to map in the box on the menu bar, and your DUN is activated. Then select "new map" from the menu. As the PowerMapper crawls around the site to create the map, the pages appear in the right hand window, and the map builds up in the explorer-view left hand window. You can configure several options including the depth to which it will crawl and the appearance of the map it creates.

The result is an HTML file and graphical site map GIF (JPEG in the evaluation version)which can be loaded onto your web server and used as a graphic guide around your site. A big advantage of using a site mapper like this, rather than coding it by hand, is the speed with which a new map can be created when changes are made to the site.

PowerMapper is simple to install and use, works quickly and with the minimum fuss, and is a very efficient and well designed programme. For a webmaster with multiple or complex web sites it is an invaluable aid in both site navigation and site management. The company web site offers excellent technical support, which is also available by email.

The JPEG that PowerMapper creates is big, and slow to load. With the registered version you get a faster-loading GIF, and the background is not covered with the words "unregistered version" Otherwise the shareware version is fully functional.

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