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Type of Program: Utility's - Win 95 Enhancements
Supported Platforms: Win 95
Company Name: Microsoft
Version: Multiple
Price: Freeware
Installed Size: 636-Kb


Powertoy's, has been out for a long time but surprisingly a lot of people do not know  about it, This is probably in the top ten of best Window's 95 addon's! Some of the best are Tweak UI, this lets you control most functions from a nice set of controls located in your Control panel, Menu speed, Mouse sensitivity, Windows animation & sound, shortcut appearance & default name's, which Icon's appear on your desktop, Create new template's, Boot parameters, including whether or not to start Graphic user interface, and allot more! Flex CD is great, it puts an Icon in the taskbar that give's you all the CD controls you need, put the courser over it and it give's you the track & time your on! This utility appears in your taskbar near the clock and looks like your desktop icon. Click it for quick access to all of your desktop contents via a convenient menu. Deskmenu also allows you to minimize and unminimize all of your windows. This next one is handy, Here's one we wish was built right in: change DPI and bit depth without rebooting. QuickRes lives in the notification area-- just single-click (right OR left) on it to select your new display settings. Does not have an expiration date, but only runs on Windows 95. Send to X, adds: send to any folder send to clipboard as contents or as name, send to command line, these are all added to your send to menu, there is a lot more, you can install all these separately or all to install:
1.Create a folder for the PowerToys: Right-click on the desktop and choose New:Folder from the pop-up menu. Name the folder "Power".

2.Download the PowerToys: Click the link on the PowerToy page to download the file "PowerToy.exe". Save it in the Power folder you just created.

3.De-compress the file "PowerToy.exe": Open the Power folder and double-click the file "PowerToy.EXE". This will create several new files in your Power folder.

4.Install the PowerToys: Find the new file called "Install". Right-click it, then choose Install. You can also right click on the little Notepad looking thing's with the yellow gear and hit install to install separately, it's worth having for at least, Tweak UI & Flex CD All info is in the read me in the file, have fun.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by - Robert Fullenwider -

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