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Type of Program: Internet Communication Client
Supported Platforms: Windows 3.11
Company Name: Tribal Voice.
Price: Freeware
Installed Size: 1.8 MB


Do you get lonely when you cruise the Web? Have someone far way you would love to show around the Web? Need to work on a project with someone on the other side of the world, but do not have the money for a long call? Do you dislike the impersonal feel of IRC? Well then Powwow might be the right Communication Client for you.

Powwow is a unique Internet communications client that allows up to six people to chat by voice, or text in regular mode, and up to 50 people in conference mode. Connection simply requires the user know the email address of the person to which you want to connect. Tribal Voice also provides white pages of all registered users of the software. Making it very easy to find others with Powwow.

Powwow also features the ability to white board, draw, send files, store answering machine messages for when you cannot answer a call, play .wav files, and cruise the World Wide Web. Although the cruise feature only works with Netscape and Microsoft's Internet Explorer. It is a very versatile product offering some very useful features. It makes it very easy to show someone a great new web page, or work together on a project. By limiting the normal environment to 7 it makes it a cozier environment to communicate with someone.

Setting up the program is just a matter of unzipping your download, and the help provided allows the first time user to be up and running in a matter of minutes. When you log on there are dedicated Powwow users available to help you with any question. They can be found at the White Pages.

This product has been available for little over a year now, and keeps getting better. Tribal Voice seeks user input in order to make the product better. Other PowWow users have created their own PowWow add-ons making the program even easier to use.

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Caroline Katzin

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