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Print Screen Deluxe

Type of Program: Screen Capture
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/NT (Win 3.1 version available)
Company Name: American Systems
Version: 3.0a
Price: $29.95
Installed Size: 1.06MB


Print Screen Deluxe lets you capture, print, and/or save an entire screen, current window, a selected region, or the client area of a window. You can also open, print, save, and or convert images in the BMP, PCX, JPG, and PNG formats.

You use options to set what you want to capture when you push the Print Screen key (or a key you define). You can set the options to capture Entire Screen, Entire Window, Rope (rectangular area), Window Client, or Clipboard (anytime contents of clipboard changes it is sent to Print Screen Deluxe). Other options include Auto Print, Auto Save, Auto Invert, Auto Gray Scale, Auto Start, Stretch to fit Window, Print Date/Time, Print Page Header, Capture Text, Short Icon, Title, Fast Printing, Time Delay, Print. You also have the option of using the following effects Sharpen (sharpens colors), Bleed (bleed colors), Bright/Dark, Rotate, Gamma Correction (enhance image colors), Mirror Horizontal, Vertical, or Both, Invert, and/or Gray Scale. Edit options are Undo, Clear, Crop, Copy, and Paste. All in all a pretty powerful and easy to use program. The shareware version offers a 30 day evaluation period.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Zonia J. Heath

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