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 Printscreen 95

Type of Program: Screen Capture/Print
Supported Platforms: Windows 3.1, 95, NT
Company/Author: Glen Johnson/Super Simple Software
Version: 4.0
Price: $19.95 US Dollars Registration Fee
Installed Size: 7.22MB


This is the latest version of Printscreen 95. This program allows you to grab a screen and
send it to a printer. You are allowed 50 uses from the shareware program. Each time you use
the program, a screen pops up letting you know how many uses you have remaining.

Printscreen allows you to print the entire screen, the active window or just a specified area
on your screen. The program also allows you to print the text contents of a DOS application.
This latest version now supports high color bitmap images where previous versions were limited
to 256 colors. You may also save the screen or active window to a floppy disk file. There is
also an invert colors option for use with printing from a DOS application.

When you are ready to use the Printscreen program, a screen is shown with simple keyboard
instructions for; printing full screen, printing active window, selecting an area, printing DOS
session, save image to disk, print negative image and print image at full page size.

User Friendly:
Registration fee of $19.95 US Dollars
Ease of Installation:
Support: Help menu provided in shareware version.
Reviewed by Terry O'Hara

You may print out an order form to mail or call (310) 839-9280. Major
credit cards are accepted as well as checks and money orders. The
registered version is $19.95 US Dollars and may be received by fax,
e-mail or regular mail. You can also register via CompuServe at keyword
GO SWREG. Use file ID#7206.
Mail to: Glen Johnson
Super Simple Software
2817 So. LaCienega Ave #B
Los Angeles, CA 90034

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