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Quake II

Type of Program: Action, First person shooter
Supported Platforms: Win 95
Company Name: Id Software
Version: Test demo
Price: Free
Installed Size: 28.8-MB - Download size: 12-MB


The Quake II Compatibility Test features three full single-player levels, complete with monsters, weapons, and 3D hardware support. Despite its “beta” status, That does have a few minor sound & video quirks, This is still the best to ever come out! It’s got New weapons, monsters, and levels, But it’s the standard setting design that Quake 1 started like the “Uzi” weapon that forces your hand up with simulated recoil, the monsters that dodge and duck your weapons fire, The best part is the levels themselves, these aren’t the generic, one room looks like the next, Each room is different, they have a more realistic feel to them, with walls that can be blown apart to reveal new territory, multiple ways to get to important areas, and none of the big doors labeled “Exit”. Quake II is a work in progress, and players of this compatibility test are encouraged to report any bugs to Id Software, but don’t worry, you’ll be too busy being blown away to notice the (minimal) anomalies in the game! When the full version comes out, it will set another standard for all to live or {die} up to! I gave this a very good rating because it’s a great game & also a first (beta) release so I was a little liberal, knowing those quirks are just temporary! Try it! Minimum Requirements - P90 w/16mb of RAM (P133 recommended) DirectX 5.0

User Friendly:
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Reviewed by - Robert Fullenwider -

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