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Roxie's Reading Fish

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Type of program: Educational
Supported platforms:Windows
Company name: Lattice Work Software Inc.
Version: 2.0
Cost: $13.95
Installed size: 4 MB


This is a great program to help teach reading the fun way. As long as we can make it fun, computers make teaching children so much more easier than it used to be. It might seem strange, but the younger we catch those pliable little brains; the easier it is to teach, the greater the retention rate, and ultimately, the higher that young person will be able to rise. In todays world, high technical trades and knowledge is ultimate in what a person has to offer an employer. I have a friend who is 49, and they recentlly just converted his entire office to a computerized system, and he is suffering big time. He is too old, and has too much time in to change jobs, and yet the simplest basics drive him up the wall. As he says; he could do in 5 minutes, with a pencil, what it is taking him 3-4 hours on the computer. Its almost like, at his age, he is trying to learn a new career.

Children, however, are being raised with these machines, and boy, is it easy to see that. Silly mistakes that I make on my computer, the ones that take me FOREVER to figure out how to correct can be fixed easily; by this little muppet with his thumb in his mouth. The bells and whistles of any simple game will overcome the short attention span, and help them learn without even realizing they are doing so. Web sites directed at kids gentlely urge them to learn so they can particpate. I think anyone with children owes to their children and the kids future to check out the wonderful companies like Lattice Work, who specialize in kids software, because its never too early to learn.

This program is rated 3+, the unregistered version has only the easy level of pre school reading; but once registered, it runs pre first grade through late second grade, and each level comes in easy, medium and hard. There is over 200 high frequency words in the database, and the registered version allow the parent to create new word list, so the words your child finds difficult can be gently gone over and re-enforced untill they aren't a problem any more.

Roxie plays "Go fish" with your young genius. Instead of asking for number cards, she's asking for words like 'the', 'and', 'make', etc. If the kid makes the wrong choice, she "gently corrects him, until he gets it right" and best of all, Roxie never gets a headache, or loses her temper over one of those problem words, so there is no chance of scaring the young one off. When the kid gets 4 cards the same, they make a book and are laid on the table. Of the several games I played to test the program, it seemed like I won every time; which strikes me as incouragement; and after every game, I was given a puzzle to work. The unregistered version only has 2 pictures which can be divided into 4-8-16 or 32 pieces; and although I did not see it mentioned, I think that you could add to the pictures after registration, which would be great. Find pictures he likes, or even the child's own art work. If he gets stumped, holding the left button down over the hint button will show the picture as it will look completed.

If you can download and register a game for yourself, you owe it to your kids to do the same with this program. The price is very reasonable, the program is excellent, and this should be the generation that does not know the meaning of the phrase, "Why can't Johnny read?"

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Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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