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Reading is Kids' Stuff

Type of Program Educational/ Reference
Supported Platforms: Windows 3.x or later
Company Name: KidsStuff Software
Price: 15.00
File size to download 1.003MB
Installed size: 2.48


This program is informative and helpful to my child it is a learning tool to help them find books and then go searching for that book in your local Library. It opens up to a very well graphic paged of a boy and girl reading books. then you can add your child's name into the readers area as well as there age and what grade there in. As soon as you do this a book and the author and intro on that book pops up as well as a brief description of the story. Your children can browse all of the books that they have listed there are quite a few to look through as well they can either print them out and head off to your local Library and get them or your nearest bookstore. School etc.. This is a great learning tool as well as it lets them have a mini book reference on there computer or yours. It I think is worth the cost to get the full install. As well the setup was very easy and just click and go.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Cindy Lynch

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