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Real Audio

For Windows 3.1x, 95 and NT
From Progressive Networks
Installed size : only about 100 KB
Price : free!!
Available from : and many other places.

I'm not gonna review this too much. Those of you who's been on the net for a while must 've heard or used this thing. So I'm doing it for the newbies that comes across this site.

All I can say is get it! It's free, it doesn't take much room on your disk. It's much better than having to wait for .wav or .au to download and then only get a few seconds of sound. With this thing you can hear things online, no waits.
The 2.0 and later version even support 28.8 stream.

I really enjoy having this software. I get to listen to the reviews instead of reading them, I've heard people talking in languages I never knew existed. It's fun!

I wish there were more sites that use Real Audio.

performance :
user friendliness :
cost :
support :

Reviewed by Eric R. Natanael

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