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Realism 3D

Type of program:Graphics
Supported Platforms: Windows 95
Company Name: iDREAMsoftware
Version: 1.01
Cost: $99.95
Installed size: 6055KB


If you go to the home page address, and hit the icon on the left that says "buy now"; about half way down the page it takes you to, you will see, 2 boxes, one that says "download with help files" and one that says "download without help files" ]although why anyone would want it without help files, I'm not sure]. Also, there is an error in the installed size number, with the help files, installed, this program takes a little over 13 1/2 MB.

This program is great! Not to mention that with all the different areas it covers, if you were getting the software out of a catalog, you would need 5 separate programs or more, just to cover what this one does alone. The only thing it lacks is a full scale landscape designer, and that doesn't mean you can't show the outside, and the walk around the building; just that you won't get marigolds without drawing them yourself.

There is 5 pre-done projects, 21 catalogs, and 24 templates. Some of the catalogs are Eddie Bauer Home, Different building materials, color schemes, lighting, Office goodies, space, nature, and all kind of accessories. With this catalogs, you can design and build castles, apartment buildings, homes, offices, outdoors, and even the solar system. Everything is drag and drop, and there are multiple buttons that allow you to rotate and object, size to grid, size to part, and many more. There are multiple ways you can view your creation, You can color it any way you want, and even add pictures to the wall.

When you are finished with your masterpiece, you can save it as a .bmp or a .jpg; however, I found out the hard way, do not save these in the project folder, which comes up when you hit save as. This will cause an error, and the project file will not open at all till you remove them. Also I was unable to print them while in 3Drealism, however, going to my normal graphics program, I was able to view them and print them. I was also not able to save the project as a partially finished project, when I tried to save it as a .stp [which was what the other projects were named, the save button was grayed out; and I was unable to open any of the image files. This, obviously, comes under the heading of things you acquire after registering.

There is also viewers, such as a catalog viewer, so you can see if, lets say, this couch comes with pillows or what. There is full 360 degrees of movement of everything you see, and a camera with a top side and front mode, with tiny adjustments, just in case you almost got it.
It also has a create project wizard that will walk through the steps; with measurements precise enough for someone serious. So you can do a serious floor plan, design a house or office, or build a fantasy world-how about the wild, wild, solar system outside your living room window, with the planets where you want them! It might look a little expensive at first glance, but by the second and third glance I think you'll change your mind, and start saving up!

Ease of Installation:
Sound & graphics:
Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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