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Recipe Box

Type of Program:Home/Hobby
Supported Platforms:Win95
Company/Authors Name:Fred Lindow of Sunrise Softwear
Installed Size:3mb


A Culinary Toolkit developed to bring the power of the PC into the kitchen. Version 5 includes Nutritional Database, multiply shopping list, tabbed user interface, (tabs are: recipes, search, nutrition, shopping list, tid bits, quick guide, misc stuff & exit) enhanced category and measurement management, search all cookbooks.

I found this to be a simple yet effective "cookbook" program. Recipe Box isn't any harder to use than your 'real' recipe box, but it has a lot more on one of the tabs to find out the recipes nutritional content, a shopping list, or quickly multiply a recipe. There's even a handy little tab called tid-bits that has quick reference for substitutes, units per pound, weights - measurments etc.

Finding the recipie you want is easy. You can also search for a recipe using a main ingredient, name, description, catagory or type of preparation. It looks fuctional ... it has everything you need right there without a bunch of distracting flash and dash. Meal master recipes are right there to download at the same site. Also updates for older versions. I liked this one.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by LeAnn Goettle

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