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Program Name: RealPlayer
Type of Program: Internet Sound & Video
Operating Platform(s): Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 3.1, Mac PowerPC
Company Name: Progressive Networks
Price: $29.99


I was pretty excited when I heard that the company that makes RealAudio had released a new
product called RealVideo. And the excitement hasn't died.

If you have tried real-time streaming audio and/or video on the internet before, then you know
that the quality varies wildly. The best you can do is a 70-80% clear picture and 80-90% clear
audio. The RealVideo and RealAudio combination is as good as video and sound on the internet
can get.

There aren't a whole lot of web sites that offer RealVideo (about 60 or so), but I think that
number is going to grow. And if you’re a news junkie, then you’ll love that fact that you can
watch C-SPAN and FOX News Network in real time on your computer.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation

Reviewed by Sherri Hartlen
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