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Reminders for Windows

Type of Program: Reminder program
Supported Platforms: Window 3.X/95 (16-bit freeware), Windows 95/NT (32-bit shareware)
Company/Author: Software by Design/Gregory Braun
Version: 1.7 (freeware) 3.3 (shareware)
Price: free (16-bit version 1.7) $20 (32-bit version 3.3)
Installed size: 70K


This is one of the most straightforward reminder programs I've used. Reminders for Windows is a snap to install, to configure ... and to live with. You can create on-screen reminders with or without sounds, add unstuffy icons to each reminder (I use Dilbert mostly), and turn the reminder program on or off anytime. Each reminder can be triggered on a one-time-only basis, hourly, weekly , monthly, or on startup. You can have Reminders for Windows launch any application you specify, at the time(s) you specify. You can even have your fortune told. A system tray icon can be configured for easy access.
The freeware version 1.7 has fewer bells & whistles than version 3.3, but has all the nice scheduling capabilities and the same look and feel. No tray icon is available with version 1.7.

The freeware version 1.7 is completely functional and yours to keep. The shareware version 3.3 has a 30-day evaluation period and is completely functional, without any nag reminders. So, in the shareware spirit of things, you're on your honor to register version 3.3 by sending your $20 (check or money order in U.S. funds) to: Gregory Braun, P.O. Box 1307, Milwaukee, WI 53201-1307 USA. (International postal orders must be in U.S. funds.) Registered users will receive regular update notices and email support.

User Friendly:
Cost: 1.7 (free) 3.3
Ease of Installation:
Support: (but no support on freeware)
Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell

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