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Rocky Mountain Wildlife

Type of program: Screen saver
Supported platforms:Windows 95
Company Name: Softdd
Version: 2.0
Cost: $19.95
Installed size: 1500 KB


If you like nature and wildlife, these pictures are fantastic! Better yet, I tried printing one of them [the fox]; and I have a heck of a time trying to make the pictures that come out of my printer look like they did in the store; but this fox printed up closest to those "photo-quality pictures" I've ever seen. Guess my brother was right, the better quality picture you print, the better it will print.

Anyway, you know how to turn on the screen saver in control panel; while I was inside the folder, I hit the exe file, and I got a box telling me to set screensaver in control panel, after I set the settings and previewed it, right where I was. My setup options were, adding sound files to play with screen saver, time delay between pictures; which ran from 15 to 60 seconds; and the choice of displaying the pictures tiled, default, or full size.

The 9 pictures that came with unregistered program were ArtistFalls, drake in flight.elk bugling,juvenile bald eagle,buffalo, doe, golden eagle, standing grizzly and the cutest fox you ever saw! When you register this program, you will get 30 more pictures; including more of above, and coyotes, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, antelope, cranes, and more.

This screen saver won't be for everyone. For those that prefer fantasy, or sexy women, or doom theme things; they might say pretty picture, but the screen saver won't go home with them. But for those who do really appreciate the majestic beauty of the Rocky Mountains, and the beautiful wild creatures that still manage to live there, this is, at least, a "must see"!

Ease of Installation:
Sound & graphics:
Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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