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Type of Program:Internet Shopping Agent.
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/NT with
IExplorer/Netscape Navigator 3.x or above, but not IE 4.x yet.
Company Name: RoboShopper International
Version: None listed.
Price: None
Installed Size: 658KB


The name says it all here, RoboShopper. This is the program you have been waiting for during those long arduous sessions with home shopping channels. You think, "I would LIKE to make a break from TV to online myself, but I NEED TO SHOP!" OK, now you can. This little program helps you find goods on the internet. It does a fair job now and since its data base of websites is constantly and automatically updated about every 30 days, I would guess this will greatly improve every month. After a quick download and installation, what you see is a small screen with 4 tabs: Shop, Web Search, Preferences and Results. The Shop tab lists Computer Products and Other products, both with drop down lists of more specific areas to shop. Each of the listed items has about 5+ sites to check now when you hit the Shop button. The first site to respond is listed first in the Results section. If you want more information or product reviews hit the Research button and that's what you get. At this point, as I mentioned, it does a fair job with a limited data base, but I am going to keep my copy and continue using the features because when they hit, they do a good job indeed. BONUS! Just as good a reason to get RoboShopper is the Web Search tab. It is a very good parallel metasearch engine that queries the major sites quickly and as well as many shareware programs costing $. I can recommend this to anyone who shops or does research. And you business buyers will want to get this and Citizen 1 Internet Tool. I think they would be a fine complement to each other. But if you have BORN TO SHOP tattooed on your, uh, arm, your credo is SHOP TILL YOU DROP and you feel like Robert B. Parker's Susan who said, "Shopping is never over, it is merely suspended," then get RoboShopper now and relax. Let the information come to you right in the comfort of your home.

Performance: This will improve time as the data
base broadens. for the Web Search feature alone.
User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Support: By email and very fast.
Reviewed by Robin Hall

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