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Type of Program: Automater
Supported Platforms: Win 95
Company Name: RTV Productions
Version: 5.0 Beta 8
Price: Freeware (donations appreciated)
Installed Size: 146 KB


Here's another nice program I happened to spot while surfing on the net. It's basically a Windows automater: presses frequently occurring buttons which you've grown tired of clicking, selects menu selections when it starts at some other one that you don't want everytime, minimizes stuff you usually have to do routinely, and runs batch files when you need them (up to 50 autos only though.)

However I find that the only few applications that need much automation are the redundant Windows Internet dial-ups. I've got automation for pressing the Connect Button (I'll bet you've grown real tired of that huh), and of course minimizing the Connect window on, well, connect (I'll bet my bottom-most dollar that those of you neat-freaks who minimize all unused applications are utterly sick of this.) And of course a few others.

However it seems to need a few seconds (which may seem like eternity) to steady up if you run it from a short-cut key (eg: alt-ctr-shift-R), or else all hell will break lose. Me, I run the Internet all from short-cuts (I hate mice): first this one (being the first it gets time to steady) then I used to run another scripting device, either mail or the browser next, an Internet shortcut bar, and other stuff that I'm getting bored of mentioning (boy am I lucky there's 16 megs of ram here.) Well anyway back to "If you don't wait", it won't work if you just carry on merrily with your clicking. The first few times I used the program, I'd do it instantly, and up popped the Connect to menu, and the connect button wasn't pressed. Then I pressed it manually. Suddenly another window popped up and minimized itself: a strange Connected to window, with junk inside. The only way to close a window like that is to press Disconnect (save using task manager), which unfortunately disconnected the one I pressed as well.

Well other than that it isn't buggy at all, so two thumbs up for RtvReco, unless you can find a better one for a better price.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Betanik

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