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Safari Saver

Type of Program:Screensaver
Supported Platforms:WIN3.1 WIN95
Company Name:Galt Technology
Price:$29, or $39 with over 39 extra programmes on the CD
Installed Size:912Kb


A screensaver is a small programme that prevents an image being burnt into your screen (which would take about a million years with todays’ screen technology). It also protects your work from prying eyes if you wish to leave your PC for a few minutes.

So it seems unfair to describe Safari as a screensaver. It is the virtual equivalent of a relaxing tank of tropical fish, a colourful, living picture that you can watch for a long time without seeing the same action repeated. The screen background is a huge African plain, and there is a real feeling of depth. Herds of elephants lumber across the distance horizon, a pair of wildebeest amble in the foreground, and a gang of skittish zebras trot across the middle ground. Whoever put this together has a sense of humour too - the giraffe that pokes his head up from the edge of your screen and starts to chew grass has a decidedly risqué look in his eye! All the animals and scenery are photo-realistic and to scale, adding to the feeling of distance and space. The sound effects are good without being dominating.

Safari installs itself into your Windows directory, and whilst I normally insist on a choice of folder for install, it does make sense in this case as it will then be available in the screen settings dialogue. The uninstall option works very well, so there is no problem with scattered junk on the HD.

Safari is an attractive and effective stress reducer, a way of stopping the walls of a claustrophobic crowded office from closing in, and a way to relax the neck muscles for five minutes. It will probably stop screen burn too - but who cares?

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Reviewed by Sue Abbott
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