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Scotland Yard

Type of Program: Personnel Tracking System
Supported Platforms: Win 95
Company/Authors Name:Yale Software Inc.
Price:$ 99.00
Installed Size:4.48Mb


Logging the comings and going of even a small team can be frustrating. Many software packages exist to help with tracking personnel movements, and for some reason most of them have long-winded and irritating entry screens and complex charts. "Well John is red until 2pm so he is in a meeting" "er no, I think dark red is at lunch" "hang on - doesn't light red mean he has been fired?" "blast that is next week we are looking at anyway..."

Scotland Yard is a breath of fresh air. It logs the movements of all staff, and displays where they are, when they will be back and what message they have to say. Using the Detective screen you can see at a glance that John is out of the office until 2pm, and his message says he has gone to Head Office and can be reached there.

There are no complicated time-consuming screens either- changing your status is a two second job -which means in the real world, the software will actually get used!

Scotland Yard has a neat, quick notes facility to leave telephone messages for the other staff members, installs and runs cleanly and quickly and works well on a network. It is a cinch to install and simple to use, making it the ideal choice for small, busy offices and organizations. It even allows for users who are on DOS or Win 3.1 systems to log in and out too! Receptionist will love it for its clarity, managers for its speed of use and the accounts department for the very reasonable price.

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Reviewed by Sue Abbott (

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