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Screen Loupe for Windows

Type of Program:Graphics
Platform: Windows 95/NT
Company/Author: Software by Design/Gregory Braun
Version: freeware,verison 1.7 (3.1 and 95)
Shareware, version 3.9 (95 and NT)
Price: free, version 1.7 $20, version 3.9
Installed Size: 46K


Much like looking through a jeweler's loupe, or magnifying glass, Screen Loupe for Windows 95/NT (both versions) gives a blow-up view of whatever your mouse pointer travels across. Originally designed to be a tool for graphic design, Screen Loupe's many features make it versatile screen capture utility. Images captured via Screen Loupe can be copied to the Clipboard and pasted into any graphics programs and most word processors.

The user can select window size in version 3.9, which is nice, but in most cases, you'll size it small enough to push to one side of the screen. In both versions, you select magnification level, and many other viewing options, including the ability to monitor a specific area of the desktop. Even when minimized, Screen Loupe shows you the desktop coordinates as your mouse travels around the screen, also showing the RGB color of the pixel located right under your mouse pointer. (If you don't need to know all this, you find yourself fascinated watching it anyway.) If you like tray icons, with version 3.9, you can optionally put one in the system tray -- this is an advantage over the freeware version 1.7, since you'll probably want tray access. This is the kind of little sleeper program you'll find yourself inventing uses for, and often.

Screen Loupe version 3.9's general screen magnification capabilities suit it well to users who may have vision impairment or just tired eyes from working at the monitor all day. Use it like a pair of reading glasses, sizing-up the viewer window. Or, just crank the viewer down, and it's a monacle for close-up work. Either way, it's a kick to use.

The shareware program is not time-limited or crippled in any way. No nag screens.

User Friendly:
Cost: version 1.7
version 3.9
Ease of Installation:
Support: version 1.7 (not offered)
version 3.9
Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell

Registered users receive update notifications and support. The author accepts checks or money orders via snail mail to: Gregory Braun, 5609 West Hadley St., Milwaukee, WI 53210-1554 USA

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