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Sheet Stylist

Type of Program: HTML Editor
Supported Platforms: WIN95 / NT
Authors Name: David R Hazlehurst
Version: 1.0
Price: 25.00 (Individual License)
Installed Size: 500k


"You got style" could be what people start saying to you after surfing onto your Web Site if you begin using Sheet Stylist 1.0 on all your Web projects. This is a new program in what will soon become the next wave of Editors popping up here and there so be sure you try Sheet Stylist first!

What is Sheet Stylist you ask? Sheet Stylist is an editor application where you easily create your Cascading Style Sheets to apply to your Web pages. You edit through not one, but two editor type dialog windows and also has support for MSIE 4.0! Although Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), have been around for awhile, these CSS Editors are just now beginning to show up on the Net and are sure to take center stage now over all those HTML Editors. NOTE: It is not within the scope of this review to explain what CSS's are. For more information on CSS you may want to look at this site as a beginning point:

Sheet Stylist 1.0 is an application that allows you to create, preview, and apply CSS style sheets to Web pages. It allows you, as Webmaster to add some very nice "style" to your Web projects all the while giving "you" total control over all aspects of the style sheets you create. It is designed to allow the new user (which I am), to the more advanced user to begin creating CSS right away. With it's available wizards to guide you through, you too can create sheets in a matter of minutes.

I've look in many places on the Internet and have found very few programs that do what Sheet Stylist does. In fact, Sheet Stylist 1.0 could very well be the first CSS Editor (as of the time of this review) for WIN95/NT in which you can directly edits/save CSS files, and that also supports all of the CSS1 properties!

So if you want to stay in, or remain in "style," with your Web pages, get a hold of Sheet Stylist 1.0. The author plans to keep this program updated and has already implemented newer CSS Guidelines just now being discussed at the W3.ORG site.

The Shareware version comes with the normal "register me" boxes that pop up here and there as well as a "count down timer" when first starting the program, but other than that it is fully functional.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by The King

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